Wianamatta Regional Park

At the northwest end of Ropes Crossing, Wianamatta Regional Park is a relatively recent National Park. The park encompasses some of the old St Marys Australian Defence Industries (ADI) area.

The master plan shows that the area stretches from Tregear to Cranebrook. However, it is the Ropes Crossing section that is currently open to the public as a National Park. Further remnants of the area’s history can be seen scattered throughout Ropes Crossing such as the old Ropes Creek Station at Reserve 1026.

As you walk through Wianamatta Regional Park you move from bushland to overgrown old roads to abandoned factory buildings. While the paths are reasonably flat, you can see many large mounds that appear to be remnants of the site’s history.

You will find a variety of native Australian plants as well as scattered non-native plants. Animals we encountered included kangaroos, birds and frogs, but there are also emus. A fascinating place for a stroll.

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