Barrenjoey Lighthouse & Arctic Hat Review

This beautiful short walk takes you along the bayside beach from the carpark then up steep stairs to the lighthouse. The walk provides views north over Broken Bay towards Lion Island and Box Head, and south across Palm Beach and Pittwater.

There are two grades for this walk. You can choose the easier but slightly longer grade 2 path or the shorter but harder grade 3. We walked up the grade 3 steps and back down the grade 2 path.

The track is not wheelchair accessible mainly because of the sandy beach part. But, apart from a few drainage steps on the grade 2 path you could almost get a mobility scooter up there if it was powerful enough and had good brakes for the descent!

I was thrilled to see some Fringed Lily’s growing beside the grade 2 path. At the top you can also see the grave of George Mulhall who was first lighthouse keeper. He was either struck by lightning, or died of natural causes, or perhaps both!

Beware that it costs $40 to park all day at Palm Beach (that was on Sunday). Overall this was a great day out and my 6yo son loved it.

Arctic Hat/Cap

The very hot day was perfect for trying out my new Arctic cap which is supposed to keep your head 6 degrees cooler. I suspect it did work quite well. However, without a spare head to compare with it is difficult to know for sure. The adjustable strap worked well and the strap itself is slightly elastic which makes it quite comfortable. Styling is quite nice if you don’t mind the silvery look which makes you look like you are wearing a glomesh purse on your head.

Cost: I paid $15aud at the Australia Post Office shop

Weight: About 70g

Verdict: Good so far!

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